How Hormones Change The Way We Age

Do you struggle with chronic fatigue or mood swings? As we age, our hormone levels decline and affect other body systems. Our comprehensive approach to healthcare includes hormone replacement therapy, which restores balance and renews vitality. The team here at Revitalize Medical Solutions is ready to help you with BHRT near Sandy, UT.
January 24, 2023Hormones

As women age, they might find themselves experiencing hot flashes, night sweats, brain fog, short-term memory loss, and other unwanted symptoms. There are multiple hormone deficiency or imbalance symptoms that get people looking into hormone replacement therapy. 

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Benefits

Some look into hormone replacement therapy for its long-term health benefits and protective properties. Bioidentical hormones offer cardiovascular benefits, bone preservation, colon & breast cancer prevention, and even brain protection. These and other advantages to hormone replacement make the therapy a powerful tool for someone looking to age gracefully and maintain a high-level quality of life. It’s also important to note that aging impacts our physical bodies and our minds. Less tangible symptoms such as mood, outlook, and lust for life are directly affected by your hormones!

Your Body Changes as You Age

On the topic of aging gracefully, testosterone is correlated to the thickness of your skin. As you age, your body will naturally develop thinner and thinner skin – that’s why grandma had so many wrinkles! Some women are lucky enough to maintain high testosterone levels well into their later years, however, most of us are victims of imbalance or deficiency. These things are addressable via bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

Additionally, maintaining healthy levels of testosterone as we age helps with building and maintaining muscle, managing cholesterol, avoiding memory loss, and preventing common cardiovascular problems like heart disease (America’s #1 killer). Loss of hormones is one of the primary reasons that we decline so much in our older years. If you wish to add years to your life and have more energy in those years, consider replacing those missing hormones in precisely the form our bodies have always made.

Let Us Help You Optimize Your Hormones

At Revitalize Medical, we enjoy custom-tailoring a bioidentical hormone replacement therapy plan to your unique hormone needs. If you’ve been suffering from hormone-related symptoms, call our office today to schedule an appointment. We enjoy helping our clients lead their best lives, and optimizing hormones gets you one step closer to that!

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