Functional Medicine

Sleep Optimization

Using BHRT, sleep studies and wearable technologies, we help patients optimize sleep latency, quality and timing to maximize their physical recovery and mental health.

woman sleeping well

Nutrition + Supplementation

We will help you define what "eating healthy" looks like for you, using evidence based interventions and targeted testing.

A platter of healthy foods

Body Composition Optimization

Using DEXA scan technology to measure and track progress, we help patients optimize their bone density, lean muscle mass and reduce body and visceral fat. We leverage BHRT, nutrition and other modalities to achieve optimal results

Medical Weight Loss

We address weight gain with a thorough root cause analysis and utilize pharmaceutical support, BHRT, nutritional guidance and other customized resources to help patients achieve safe and sustainable weight loss.

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Cardiovascular risk assessment

We use the most evidence-based screenings and interventions to determine your personal cardiovascular risk so we can proactively integrate them into your regimen and track improvements over time.

A man holding his heart

Gut + microbiome testing

For digestion, autoimmune, and mood issues, we can assess and restore the gut microbiome through comprehensive testing and interventions.

A woman holding her stomach

Genetic testing

For patients who want to dive deep into genetic predispositions for themselves and their relatives, we offer targeted genetic testing to address mood issues, ADHD, autism, TBI, detox, hair loss, acne, methylation, immunity, athletic performance and overall wellness.

A father and his son

Cortisol testing + stress management

We help patients get insight into their body's stress response and offer evidence-based tools and supplements to optimize stress management.

A man who is stressed

Cancer screening

For patients with personal or family history of cancer, a highly specialized blood test can screen for over 50 different cancers, even in early stages.

A doctor talking to his patient about his results

Sexual health + function

Beyond BHRT, we utilize other pharmaceutical support along with procedures and supplementation to enhance and maximize your sex life and sexual performance. Experience a rejuvenation of intimacy and connection.

A happy young couple

Cognition + mental acuity

Mental health and performance is as important as physical health. Our evidence-based strategies enhance mental acuity, regulate mood and decrease risk of dementia as we age.

An old man reading a book