How to Access LabCorp Patient Portal

January 18, 2023Hormones

Happy April to all our Revitalize Patients!

Revitalize has experienced many new changes this year; new staff, new providers, and a new location. With all the new changes, we want to go over the logistics on how to contact our staff and providers, and how to request refills.

How To Contact Revitalize

At Revitalize, we strive to make our staff as easily accessible as possible. We provide our patients with the option to text us at our office number (801) 999-8252. While texting this number is fast and convenient, it is not private. All Revitalize staff and providers have access to the text board. When texting, a member of the staff will answer when available. Patients are also welcome to call into the office with any questions or concerns. Providers are busy seeing patients throughout the day, so they will not be available for phone calls. If you wish to speak with your provider, they will answer text messages in a timely manner.

How To Request Refills

We take pride in making prescription refills as easy as possible, with different options to do so.

1. Contact your pharmacy and request a refill, even if your prescription states there are no refills. From here, your pharmacy will contact Revitalize, asking them to authorize a prescription refill. The pharmacy should contact you once the prescription is filled.

2. Call or text the Revitalize office requesting a refill. We will contact your pharmacy and authorize a refill. From here, you will obtain your prescriptions as normal.

3. During a follow up appointment with your provider, they will ask if there are any prescriptions that need to be filled. If changes need to be made, they will do so as they refill your prescription.

How To Access Lab Results From Home

At Revitalize, we keep open communication with our patients. We believe that every one has the right to be in control of their treatment. We strive to keep open communication with each patient, answering any question that they may have. We give our patients access to all of their patient information and test results. We are encouraging all our patients to create a patient profile with LabCorp. This will give each individual access to all their results when they are posted.

How To Make A Profile In LabCorp Patient

By creating a profile in LabCorp, you are able to all previous and current lab results whenever, or where ever you need.


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