Why Prescribe Supplements

Why Prescribe Supplements
January 24, 2023Hormones

We often don’t realize the seriousness or importance of taking supplements until we are frustrated and failing at our diets. Like most people, your diet probably lacks variety when it comes to the foods that you eat. A few nights a week you probably have chicken on the menu, perhaps some red meat, sprinkle a few vegetables in, some potatoes, etc. And that is perfectly fine! Depending on the portion sizes, that could be considered as a well balanced diet. 

Where many of us fall short when attempting to eat healthy and maintain a good diet is that the foods we eat are not always as nutritionally dense as we may believe. The diet can be right – portions and all – but the food can still pose an issue. In fact, many studies suggest that one of the issues we face today is that the farmed soil is less nutrient dense due to overworking the land. This leads to crops grown in that soil losing some of their nutritional value. Addiotionally, we may be harming our bodies by not seeking out meats which have been grass fed, farm raised, and not packed with harmful hormones (note the significant difference in hormones farmers give livestock and the hormones prescribed in BHRT).

How Supplements Help

Don’t let yourself become too alarmed by all of this. The vitamins and nutrients that our bodies require can still be found and received through healthy improvements made to our diets. As human beings, sometimes eating right just isn’t enough. There are certain needs that cannot be fulfilled by simply eating right which is where supplements can help. A supplement is defined as being something that, when added to something else, enhances or completes it. This is specific to dietary supplements. Many individuals fail to receive enough iron, magnesium, and vitamin D through their diet and lifestyle alone, which is why supplements are often used as a sort of backup option for your diet and dietary needs. 

The solution seems so simple – go out and purchase a multivitamin from your local grocery store, right? Not necessarily. While the multivitamin would be packed with lots of beneficial minerals and vitamins, your body may not need them all and so by overcompensating you could end up shooting at the wrong target. Additionally, not all of the vitamins on that shelf at your local store may not be of the highest quality. You may not be getting what you paid for. A popular phrase that nutritionists, supplement experts, and practitioners use is that a regular vitamin is less likely to end up in your bloodstream and more likely to wind up in your toilet. 

What Supplements Are Best To Take?

A micronutrient test is the best way to determine which supplements you should be taking. This type of test tests your blood to precisely detect what nutrients or vitamins your body may be lacking. Once you have determined the nutrients and vitamins that are lacking, it will be much easier for you to know and purchase the exact supplements you need, as well as know the volume. It is equally important to be certain of the quality of the supplements you are purchasing so as to avoid wasting your money on something that simply doesn’t do the job or misses the mark completely. 

In our opinion, compounding pharmacies deliver the highest quality supplements. These facilities use base ingredients to produce custom medications for patients, preparing and combining them to fit the unique and individual needs of the patient. The compounding pharmacies begin with base drugs rather than providing a pre-mixed formula. Here at Revitalize, we work with a compounding pharmacy local to us called Xymogen, which allows us to create and prescribe specific supplement combinations that fit our patients individual needs. 

Feel free to reach out to our office if you are interested in a micronutrients test or high quality supplements. 

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Here at Revitalize, we want to help individuals just like you Live Your Best Life. Our Bio-identical Hormone Optimization Therapy is custom tailored and evidence based. So, if you would like to speak with one of our experts about how hormones might help improve upon the quality of your own life, contact us now.

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