Nicole Kelly, PA-C

Hormone Specialist & Medical Director
at Revitalize Medical Solutions

As early as our 30’s, our body’s natural hormones start to decline. Hormones are essential to nearly every function in the body, and this decline can cause subtle or dramatic changes in our overall health and well-being. Often, we don’t realize how much better we can feel until we optimize our hormone levels. Restoring our hormone imbalances and maintaining them at the level of a healthy young adult can significantly improve our quality of life and longevity.  

At Revitalize we help men and women stay healthy and active throughout their lifespans to have the energy and vitality to do everything they enjoy without fatigue or injury.

Natural Hormone Optimization

Nikki covers the most common symptoms of a hormone imblance and how Revitalize helps to optimize hormones naturally. 

Normal is NOT Optimal

Many people get lab work done because they feel terrible only to be told their levels are normal.
Nikki explains how current lab testing and "normal" ranges are outdated and misleading.