Female Hormone Specialist Near Me in American Fork, UT

After the age of 30, many men and women notice symptoms related to hormone changes. They may notice sleep issues, fatigue, mood changes, or a decrease in energy. If you feel any of these symptoms, your hormones may be struggling. When you have a hormone imbalance, it can cause uncomfortable and unwanted symptoms. Our knowledgeable practitioners at Revitalize Medical Solutions near American Fork, UT can help you with our bioidentical hormone treatments. We work with our clients to relieve symptoms, balance hormones, and achieve health goals.

We are Located Near American Fork, UT

We enjoy assisting our clients with female hormone optimization services that live in American Fork, UT and the surrounding communities. If you live in the Salt Lake City or Sandy, Utah areas, you’re not too far from our office. We are located at 11576 S State Street Ste 101B in Draper, UT, which is centrally located to many of Utah’s larger cities.

Our company not only seeks to help our clients optimize their hormones and achieve their health goals, but also give back to the local community. We strive to create a positive impact on the lives of those in the community. 

Female Hormone Specialist Near Me in Sandy, Utah

Common Questions About Female Hormone Optimization

Before considering working with a professional, many women have questions about using bioidentical hormone therapy. These are some of the most common questions:

Can Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Help Me?

Bioidentical hormone therapy can help clients notice positive improvements in their mood, sleep, and mental or physical fatigue. As hormones start to become more regulated, they may notice an increase in their sex drive. Period regulation, mood changes, and hot flashes may all be helped by bioidentical hormone therapy. ​

What Symptoms Can Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Help?

After the age of 30, women will notice symptoms occurring as their hormone levels drop. They may notice they start to gain weight and aren’t able to lose body fat when they haven’t changed much else in regards to their lifestyle. Memory changes, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and irregular periods can all become far too normal in their lives. All of these symptoms may be helped by bioidentical hormone therapy.

Is Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Safe?

Yes, bioidentical hormone therapy is generally considered safe when taken under medical supervision, as the hormones are matched to a person’s individual needs. 

Do I Have To Take Bioidentical Hormone Therapy For A Long Time? 

Depending on your individual needs, it may take some time to get your hormones balanced. In some cases, hormone therapy can be a short-term solution. However, in other cases, it may need to be taken for longer periods of time. Your doctor can help you determine the best course of action for you and your needs.

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