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Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy in St. George, Utah

Men often mistake hormone issues as something that women deal with but this is not true. Men can also suffer the effects of hormone imbalances and can benefit from testosterone hormone replacement therapy services that we offer to those in St. George, UT, and neighboring areas. 


Revitalize Medical Solutions Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy


If you find that you are suddenly experiencing a low sex drive, loss of sexual functioning, fatigue, poor recovery from workouts, joint pains, and many other symptoms that you have written off as just aging then you may benefit from hormone replacement therapy. Stop ignoring the signs before more potentially serious health issues arise. 


Our team of doctors at Revitalize Medical Solutions will help you in determining if testosterone hormone therapy is right for you. We will help to come up with a health and wellness plan that suits your specific needs based on what you have shared and a complete workup. There is no need to struggle with low testosterone levels. 

Testosterone Hormone Therapy Services In St. George, UT

We are proud to serve the community of St. George, UT, and the surrounding areas and counties. St. George is a part of the Washington County of Utah and is near the Utah-Arizona border. 

Commonly Asked Questions And Answers


Here are some of the more common questions that get asked about hormone replacement therapy. 

How Can Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy Help? 


Testosterone is an essential hormone in men. It plays a major role in the maintenance of muscle mass, and vitality and lessens the risk of health issues. Replacing the loss of these hormones can help balance your levels again, help with improving your sexual health and also aid in sleep among other things. 

What Hormone Replacement Therapy Do You Recommend? 


We only recommend Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. We recommend this therapy because it uses hormones that have the same structure as the hormones that have been lost. It is a natural form of hormones and because of this we usually do not see the side effects that are normally associated with synthetic forms of hormone replacement. 

How Long Should I Be On Hormone Therapy? 

Every patient is different with different symptoms and we do not treat every patient the same because of this. Determining the length of treatment will be based on your specific needs after meeting with a doctor and coming up with a specific plan based on your needs. 

Is BHRT Right For Me? 


As much as we here at Revitalize Medical Solutions would love to treat every patient that comes into our facility this may not be the right treatment for you. It is best that you discuss this with a doctor before starting this form of therapy so that a proper diagnosis can be made regarding any low testosterone hormone issues.

Schedule A Consultation Today


If you are struggling with low testosterone and you would like to try and get some answers, our team of professional doctors will gladly schedule a consultation with you to help determine if you can benefit from testosterone hormone replacement therapy.

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