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Recent Testimonials

Revitalize is excellent. The staff are friendly, attentive, and fully capable of giving you the tools to live a happier, healthier life. They have helped me pin point the nutrition and supplementation that my body needs, and I'm astonished at the amount of progress I have made based upon their recommendations, in only a couple of months. What they do is very comprehensive, and for helping you attain better health, they are experts. I have benefited greatly from their service. I highly recommend Revitalize, I believe that everyone needs to work with them. I will 100% be recommending them to my friends and family. -BW

Revitalize Medical Solutions has been life changing! I have had so many positive results! I have way more energy. My sleep is better and more consistent, and I am so grateful to the changes in my overall body composition. I highly recommend Michelle Diehl as a medical professional. She is knowledgeable, she cares and listens to my needs, and she is so great to build my confidence and celebrate my successes throughout my journey. She is the best! -JC

Nikki and her staff have your best interests in mind. They take time with you to understand where you're at and where you want to go, helping you achieve optimal health. It's a nice change of pace compared to other physicians that speed through an appointment and don't really seem to care. Nikki cares about your health and helping you feel your best. Highly recommended. -JL

Nikki has helped me immensely! I went to 4 different endocrinologists and hormone docs who either tried putting hormone pellets in me (without any blood work), selling me their own brand of highly expensive supplements or quickly feeling my throat and telling me nothing was wrong. My hair was falling out, I had bad insomnia and my cycles were horrible. She did extensive blood work and fine tuned my hormone levels as well as my thyroid levels. I won't go to anyone else for my hormone and thyroid issues as she's the only one who thoroughly addresses them.

This is from both my Mom and I - we both go here and love it! This practice has totally changes our lives both from a 28 year old perspective a 59 year old perspective - we are both facing different challenges in our lives physically and this place is just amazing! If you're on the fence, don't debate it - who wants to just live an OK/normal life..... if you want to feel great mentally and physically, give this place a visit. -AU

Revitalize medical solutions have been very knowledgeable and friendly. They work well with you figuring the best way forward, helping you achieve your goals. That could be better sleep, clearing foggy brain, having more energy, clear skin or something like recovery and healing. Revitalize can help you look and feel your best. -BB

My experience with Revitalize since I started treatment with them in September of 2020 has been the best! I am most impressed with the time they take at each appointment listening to my concerns and answering all of my questions. I had been treated previously by my primary care doctor for years without great success (especially my thyroid).
My provider changed the type of thyroid medication I was taking, made changes on other prescriptions, and added supplements to my treatment. After 6 weeks on the new meds, we retested my labs and the levels had greatly improved and I began feeling better and losing weight soon after. The receptionist is always very friendly and addresses my needs in a timely manner. I have referred several friends and family to Revitalize with positive feedback from all of them! -SC

Yay :) Found Nikki Kelly! She's fantastic and actually listens. If you're like me, these kinds of places can be a bit uncomfortable with all the hyper-self-aware pretty people there. While she fits in, she is down to earth and doesn't make you feel self-conscious or flawed with just being who you are. I've referred my girlfriend, her mom, and coworkers to her in the past; they will be making new appointments with her soon. 5 stars only because I can't choose more.

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