I have met with a lot of doctors and PAs who have rushed me in and out of their office as quickly as possible. Nikki is literally the opposite of that. Nobody even comes close to taking the time she takes to get to know her patients, resolve their concerns, and getting them feeling 100%. I feel healthy and happy, and I can thank Nikki for that!

Nikki Kelly saved my life plain and simple. When I first came into her I was barely functioning, so exhausted I was sleeping at work because I was to tired to drive home.  I was depressed apathetic and despite only eating 800 calories and doing 3 hours of exercise daily my weight continued to climb. 3 years later, I've doubled my calories, cut my exercise in half, and am back in college (something I never thought possible with my foggy exhausted brain). Nikki isn't just your doctor, she is on your team. She takes time to answer any questions you might have, checks up on how you are doing, and stays current with all the new research to make sure you are receiving the best possible treatment. I can relax knowing she has my best health in mind and forever grateful for all she has done. 

I have been going to Nikki Kelly for about 4 years. She is nothing short of amazing!! She genuinely cares about her patients and spends what ever time is necessary to help you feel the best you can

Nikki is amazing! She genuinely cares about her patients and does everything she can to get you feeling 100%. She is very thorough with everything she does and takes any time necessary to help you understand. She is the first provider I have ever dealt with that I feel understands my individual body's needs.

Nikki is amazing and really tries to get to the source of your issues. She listens and she cares. I have been going to her for 3 years and she has helped transform my life. I feel like I'm in my 20's instead of my 50's!!

Nikki has helped me immensely! I went to 4 different endocrinologists and hormone docs who either tried putting hormone pellets in me (without any blood work), selling me their own brand of highly expensive supplements or quickly feeling my throat and telling me nothing was wrong. My hair was falling out, I had bad insomnia and my cycles were horrible. She did extensive blood work and fine tuned my hormone levels as well as my thyroid levels. I won't go to anyone else for my hormone and thyroid issues as she's the only one who thoroughly addresses them.

Nikki is not only super-qualified as a medical professional, she's 100% devoted to her patients, their needs, and immediate/ongoing concerns. I have proven to be quite the unique challenge in many ways and Nikki has been INCREDIBLY empathetic, professional, responsive, and invested in my journey to better health and improved quality of life!

Yay :) Found Nikki Kelly! She's fantastic and actually listens. If you're like me, these kinds of places can be a bit uncomfortable with all the hyper-self-aware pretty people there. While she fits in, she is down to earth and doesn't make you feel self-conscious or flawed with just being who you are. I've referred my girlfriend, her mom, and coworkers to her in the past; they will be making new appointments with her soon. 5 stars only because I can't choose more.

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