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Thyroid is a metabolic hormone secreted by the thyroid gland located in your neck region. Thyroid regulates temperature, metabolism, and cerebral function. Thyroid helps increase energy levels, fat breakdown, and cognition while lowering cholesterol and protecting against cardiovascular disease. Thyroid hormone is probably the safest and most beneficial cholesterol-lowering agent, yet it is infrequently used for this. Thyroid May prevent memory impairment and more

than any other hormone the thyroid is most responsible for improvement of energy and reducing fatigue in women.

When do you need it: Women are 10 times more likely to experience thyroid symptoms than men. Signs of a thyroid problem are fatigue, depression, brain fog, Dry Hair, Skin, and Nails, constipation, changing periods, cramps, painful muscles, joint pain, hoarseness, sleep problems, weight gain, thinning hair, high cholesterol, cold hands and feet.

Dosage forms : oral, tablet, and capsule.

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