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Progesterone is a fundamental female hormone that is responsible for the production of estrogen and cortisol. Progesterone is important to fertility because it protects against uterine and breast cancers, osteoporosis, fibrocystic disease, and ovarian cyst. Progesterone is secreted by the ovaries, but ceases production at perimenopausal stages. Many Physicians prescribe synthetic progestin, which caused such effects as bloating, headaches, fatigue, weight gain, and they have been associated with increased risk of cancer.

Native progesterone, bioidentical, can avoid side effects of synthetic agents and actually agents and actually may protect against cancer. Progesterone is very beneficial in treating insomnia and premenstrual symptoms, PMS, such as mood swings and migraine headache.

When do you need it: deficiencies and progesterone can lead to difficulty sleeping, night sweats, anxiety, irritability, headaches, muscle pain, water retention, and heavy or irregular menstrual cycles.

Dosage forms: oral capsule, sublingual melt away and tablet.

Progesterone bioidentical to that found in humans is currently available in certain FDA-approved preparations (as oral micronized progesterone in oil or as vaginal progesterone gel).

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