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HCG Update

Update for all of our patients that are currently taking HCG -

Last week we learned Empower Pharmacy can no longer compound HCG and has discontinued it. The only alternative available is called Pregnyl, which is the commercial brand name for HCG. We called several local and national pharmacies to try to find the best pricing for our patients to transfer their prescriptions to.

For patients living in Utah - the best price is through Mountain View Pharmacy in Bountiful. They offer free delivery and a 10,000 IU vial is $116. Ph# 801.295.3439.

For out-of-state patients, Brighton Pharmacy in Sandy, UT offers free shipping and the price for a 10,000 IU vial is $139. Ph # 801.662.0265

If you wish to transfer your script, please call the pharmacy that you prefer and ask them to transfer it from Empower. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns!

Thank you!

The Revitalize Team

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