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Female Hormone Optimization

At Revitalize, we strive to provide excellent services that help you feel your best. That is why we have the female hormone specialist you are looking for. When you do not feel your best, you can’t do your best. Hormones levels play a big role in our lives and make us feel icky. We see many clients with this problem and help them to find the root cause of their hormone imbalance, and a way to tackle it head-on. There are many health risks that you can avoid by taking great care of your hormone health.

Top 6 Reasons Why Women Come to Revitalize:

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  1. Physical and mental fatigue- Do you have a lack of energy, focus, or concentration in daily activities? It’s a good idea to check your hormones to ensure they are not too high or low.

  2. Body composition- Are you struggling with weight gain despite no change in lifestyle, or you cannot lose body fat despite lifestyle changes? This can be a hormone imbalance that we can help you with.

  3. Sleep issues- Do you have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, night sweats, or waking up unrefreshed? When your hormones are out of balance, these are some of the disturbances they can cause you.

4. Mood changes- Do you struggle with depression, anxiety, PMS, or mood swings? These can all be signs and symptoms of your hormones being too high or too low.

5. Sex life- Do you have a lack of libido (sex drive) or poor sexual response? This can cause a real problem for you and your partner. These are signs of a hormone imbalance.

6. Perimenopause/Menopause- Do you struggle with hot flashes, vaginal dryness or pain, memory changes, erratic periods, etc.? These female hormones are known as menopausal symptoms, and we can help you with the services to improve these symptoms you are dealing with.

Many women struggle with their hormones and can benefit from hormone replacement therapy. If all of this sounds like something you have been dealing with, you should seek professional help. With our hormone therapy services, we can help you address your problem and find a resolution to it. A hormone imbalance is uncomfortable and irritating to deal with, get the help you need. The most common age in a woman or man's life when they may experience hormone imbalance is over 30.

Hormone replacement has also been shown to help with migraines, heavy menstrual bleeding and cramping, endometriosis, infertility, hair loss, dry skin, high cholesterol, brain fog, muscle weakness, poor muscle tone or definition, sugar cravings, bloating, afternoon fatigue, and much more! You deserve to feel the best you possibly can during all phases of your life. Following a healthy diet and seeking professional help, you can improve your menopausal symptoms and other hormone-related struggles.


A female hormone specialist can help you with hormone replacement therapy services. With our BHRT services, we can help you to accomplish that.

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