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Female Hormone Specialist Near Me in Sandy, Utah

Our priorities at Revitalize Medical Solutions are to help our patients feel their best as they go through the aging process. Hormone health is important to maintaining that healthy lifestyle. It is also an area of health and wellness that is easily ignored or overlooked. 

Female Hormone Specialist 

From the age of 30 years old and up our bodies can start to see a decrease in hormones. This can lead to changes in our bodies that we may not even realize are linked to our hormone levels. 

We treat women who are looking to revitalize themselves from the inside out. Our female hormone specialist will help you come up with a hormone therapy plan that will help combat some issues such as mood changes, low sex drive, changes in sleep, as well as symptoms relating to pre-menopause or menopause. 

Find A Healthy Balance To Life

Revitalize Medical Solutions has a comprehensive approach to health. We acknowledge that every one of our patients has different needs and our goal is to listen to your needs so that we can develop the best wellness plan and treatment for you based on your unique health needs. 

We Service The Sandy, UT Area

We are happy to serve members of our community in the Sandy, UT area as well as other surrounding areas. Sandy, Utah is a city within the Salt Lake City metropolitan area with over 96,000 residents. 

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Here are a few of the most asked questions regarding hormone therapy. 

What Is BHRT?

BHRT stands for Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. BHRT is used to balance the hormone levels in our bodies to help with aging. This will help with energy levels as well as many other aspects of the natural aging process.


Does Hormone Therapy Make You Gain Weight? 

Weight gain is a misconception of doing hormone therapy. When you begin treatments you may experience some bloating while your hormone levels balance out to normal levels. 

How Can Hormone Therapy Help?

Hormone replacement therapy helps by balancing your levels and also helps you recover from the following symptoms: 

  • Hot flashes

  • Depression

  • Anxiety 

  • PMS

  • Energy

  • Concentration

Female hormone specialist will help you come up with a plan to restore your levels to its proper functions so that you can start to feel better and more energized. 

Schedule A Free Consultation Today

If you are seeking an answer to some of the problems that others say “are in your head” then contact us today for a complimentary 30 minute consultation. You can also take our BHRT quiz to find out if hormone therapy may be right for you.

Let’s Work Together

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